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Knitting Flower Patterns

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  • 20It is a great motif that you can use wherever you want from knitted flower models. You can use it in decorating baby blankets, hat models, baby knitting models, fiber samples
  • 20We prepared the recipe with video. You can do it without difficulty. You can also knit it as a patterned baby blanket by adding corners to the edge.
  • 3 | 20We can multiply the examples in this way. You can use it as a knitting brooch. You can decorate by sewing on shawl models. You can use it on booties models. You can use it wherever you want as knitting applique models.
  • 4 | 20Even gift wrapping. We have many more examples of crochet flower patterns. For example, you can use the violet motif in many places in the same way. You can use it in all of the ones we just mentioned. You can use knitting decoration motifs everywhere. Now let’s move on to making 3d knitted flowers.
  • 5 | 20Knitting Flower Making Video We will need fiber threads in the preferred color or colors, number 7 crochet and scissors for 3d knitted flowers that we will use in many places. It is now a very good project for evaluating the threads. You can also use pearl optionally. We create a nest with 6 chains and make 2 filled peanuts inside.
  • 6 | 20We draw 3 chains in between. In this way, after completing our turn, we make 6 double handrails in the spaces where we draw chains to form the petals of the flower. I knit by increasing the number of handrails on each layer of the flower I worked in 3 layers. I made nests behind the leaves of the flowers and made the petals of the flowers into those nests. You can do it on the leaf according to preference. You can use it as an ornament flower in many places.
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