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How Are Acne On The Neck Treated?

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In this content we have prepared about acne on the neck, we will touch on issues such as acne that does not go on the neck, hard acne on the neck, the causes of acne on the neck.

Acne can occur not only on our face, but also on the back, upper arm area, between the chest and abdomen, shoulders, neck and neck. Pimples appearing in these areas is also quite normal, there is no need to panic.

Since the skin on the nape area is thicker and more durable, the acne that occurs here does not go away as quickly as the acne on your face. So don’t get the impression that you’re doing something wrong just because it doesn’t go fast.

Pimples on the Neck
Pimples on the Neck

Why Pimples Happen on the Neck and Neck?

The main cause of acne on your neck is mostly the oils from your hair. In this area, your pores can become clogged and acne formation may increase. This situation is more common in people whose hair is very oily and they should pay attention to hair care . At the same time, some lotions, shampoos and conditioners that you use also clog your pores and accelerate the formation of acne. And pimples formed in this area have an inflamed and sensitive structure.

If you have the habit of playing with your hands on the nape and neck, you will accelerate the formation of acne in this area by rubbing. Not cleaning your items such as pillows and quilts that your neck and neck are in constant contact with also accelerates the formation of acne. That’s why you should change your pillowcases and sheets frequently.

Pimples on the Neck
Pimples on the Neck

How Do Nape and Neck Pimples Pass?

Since the structure of your skin in the neck area and the structure of your face have the same characteristics and are sensitive, you can apply the natural methods you apply for your face in this area as well. Some cures that will be prepared with the materials available at home will save you from acne.

Although the neck area is as sensitive as your face, your nape area is different from the skin on your face. Therefore, it will be more appropriate to apply the methods we apply for acne in other parts of your body. Mask recipes that can be applied for acne on the neck;

Oatmeal and Honey Mask

The oats in the mask remove excess oil and dirt. Honey, on the other hand, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it is an ideal method for back acne.

Ingredients to be used 3 tablespoons of plain oatmeal, 2 or 3 tablespoons of Honey and enough water to cook the mixture.

While preparing the mask, you must first cook the oatmeal with water. Add honey to the cooked oatmeal and wait for it to cool. Stir while it cools, if there is a dryness in the mixture, you can add another spoonful of honey. You can apply this mask to acne on your neck. After keeping it on your neck for 20 minutes, you will feel the effect when you remove the mask from your body under a warm shower. You can apply the mask 2 days a week until you get the desired result until the acne disappears.


The feature of baking soda is that it reduces the body’s fat production in the area where it is used. To apply it on the pimples, we must mix water and baking soda to obtain a cream and rub the mixture on your nape. After rubbing for 1-2 minutes, you can wait for it to dry for 20 minutes and then wash and rinse it after drying.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used in many skin care products, with its sticky consistency, aloe vera is very useful for moisturizing our skin and balancing the oil rate. It also reduces the burning and itching sensation in this area with its relaxing feature.


Cinnamon powder is very successful in reducing inflammation on your skin. You should mix cinnamon powder with honey and rub it on the acne on your neck. Afterwards, you can rinse your skin with lukewarm water. If you apply this process every other day, you can see that the acne disappears.

Pimples on the Neck
Pimples on the Neck

Causes of Pimples on the Neck and Neck

Acne in the nape and neck area, hormonal disorders and imbalances in hormones, menstrual periods of women, excessive oily structure of the skin and clogged pores for any reason, pregnancy process, allergy to products used, detergents, shampoo, cream, etc., side effects of drugs, drugs with cortisone and the use of vitamin B12 pills, liver diseases, stress, depression.

Sometimes, the hair on your neck grows in the wrong direction and as a result, hair turns occur on the back of the neck. Bulging hairs that hurt when you touch them can also cause acne on the neck.

Some of us habitually touch their necks with their palms when we are tense and stressed. As a result, the dirt on your hands and nails, microbes, clog the pores on your neck and accelerate the formation of acne.

Pimples on the Neck
Pimples on the Neck

What To Do To Get Rid Of Pimples On The Neck Neck

The most important cause of acne formation is bacteria and microbes. In order to minimize the formation of acne, you should take care of your personal hygiene.

You should see a dermatologist for acne on your neck and body. You should also use the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly. At the same time, you can use soaps with anti-acne content and warm water recommended by your doctor. Be careful not to leave soap residues by rinsing your skin well with warm water. You should sprinkle cold water on your neck to close your pores. You should dry it with a towel without irritating your skin.

You should also read the content of the cream your doctor has prescribed and see that it contains benzol peroxide, which is perfect for dealing with acne.

If you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, drinking water frequently will prevent acne breakouts. If you have acne on your neck, you should not use turtlenecks and scarves that will not prevent your neck from getting air.

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