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Non-Surgical Wart Treatment

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Warts, or Warts, is one of the problems that all people know well but don’t take too seriously. However, since it is an infectious virus, it definitely poses a serious danger to the society. Names such as rectal warts, genital warts, common, plantar, flat, filiform and periungual are given according to the place they are seen. If you have time, let’s take a look at warts in detail on this page, and consider comprehensive information about prevention methods and treatment.

What are Warts?
There is no one who does not know the nature of the problem. Because we have seen it in our hands, feet and many parts of the body, both in ourselves and in the people around us. Its structure is of the cauliflower type and mostly occurs in skin color. Because the problem occurs in the form of growth in the upper layer of the skin. In other words, the top layer of the skin begins to grow uncontrollably with the infection of the virus.

What are the Types (Types) of Warts?
Experts gather this problem under 5 main headings. The common warts are named Common, Plantar, Flat, Periungual and Filiform. Let’s now look at the types of warts and where they have been seen.

Common (Common Warts) It is the most common type of warts and the places where it is seen are mostly fingers and toes. It is rarely seen in different parts of the body. The structure of the wart is flesh-colored and can be pink or white in color. It is often possible to pass by itself, and if situations such as pain or discoloration occur, treatment must be done.

Plantar (Foot Warts) The problem that occurs on the soles of the feet is not limited to calluses, but also can be plantar warts that hurt you. The reason for its occurrence is mostly the heels, while the warts normally grow out of the skin, plantar warts can appear more like a callus under the skin. The cause of transmission is again related to the HPV virus, and especially the small cuts that occur on your feet cause the problem. The most important factors in contamination are especially the pool, sauna and changing rooms open to common use.

Flat (Flat Warts) One of the common types is flat warts, which are called Flat Warts, and they are mostly seen in the face area, arms and thigh area between the hips and knees. They are smaller than other warts and are also known as childhood warts. This is due to the fact that it is more common in children and adolescents. To give an age range, it is more common in children and adolescents between the ages of 12-16. It is very small and generally 2-3 mm in size. The cause of transmission is again HPV virus, viruses numbered 3,10,28 and 49 cause flat warts.

Filiform (Mouth and Nasal Warts) Another type called filiform is the type that affects especially the mouth, nose, chin, neck and eyelids. It appears as small and skin-colored flat warts. Types 1, 2, 4, 27 and 29 of HPV virus cause this problem. Like other species, the Filiform Warts problem is again contagious.

Periungual (Nail Warts) In the introduction part of the article, we stated that warts are seen all over the body, because the problem is growth on the top layer of the skin and you can see this problem wherever there is skin (skin). Periungual is a type of wart seen mostly around the nail and under the nail, and it seems to affect the growth of nails. This is a problem that will hurt you. Although it does not pose a serious problem at first, it will hurt when it starts to grow.

Genital and Rectal Warts: Another type and one that has a very important place are anal condyloma and genital warts, I can say that every person at the age to have sexual experience is at risk. In men, it is seen around the anus and inside the rectum, as well as around the penis. In women, it is seen around the anus and inside the rectum, around and inside the vagina. It is the type 6 and 11 of the HPV virus, and if untreated, it can cause anal cancers with cervical cancer, which we call cervix in women. This subject is quite comprehensive and you can access the article we prepared for it from the link below.

Wart Pictures
We had the opportunity to recognize the problem as text, now let’s see pictures of wart from different parts of our body. The added pictures are the mildest version of the problem. There are some patients that even physicians worry when they see it. The reason why it grows and progresses so much is, of course, that the person stays away from the doctor and constantly causes the problem to grow.

There may be warts and sores on the sole of the foot

What Causes Warts?
After seeing the types of problem and how they were, let’s consider how they arise. Especially people who have not yet faced such a problem can apply an effective method of protection and master the subject.

Infectious HPV Virus: The most important cause of the problem is the HPV virus, which means that wart is an infectious disease. Of course, there is no risk of infecting everyone Because the body of people with a strong immune system is resistant to viruses and they do not allow to be infected to a large extent. Therefore, you should heed the suggestions for strengthening the immune system. Do not miss the foods that strengthen the immune system in your life. Vitamins in the A and B groups are of great importance.

How Are Warts Transmitted?
But we understood that the problem is transmitted from person to person, now let’s see how and in what way it is transmitted.

Skin Contact: The most important reason for human-to-human transmission is skin contact. It is easier for people with warts to infect when their body is moist. For example, it is necessary to avoid contact with people who come out of the environment such as bathrooms and pools. Dry skin is not so dangerous.

Common Usage Areas: Another reason is the common use areas and common items, for example, towels, European toilets and even lying on a sunbed without laying towels in the summer can be given dozens of such examples.

Sexual Intercourse: If Warts, which can be seen all over the body, occurs in the anal and genital area, the cause of transmission may be different here. The most important cause of warts in the anus and genital area is sexual intercourse, and unprotected intercourse with someone with warts causes this problem. Although the use of condoms is recommended, it is not fully sufficient. For this reason, you should not have a relationship with people you do not know and whose health background is unknown. It is seen that it is transmitted more often than men known as homosexuals.

When Do Warts Occur?
One of the most important aspects is when the problem will arise in you. You have had a careless relationship with someone with a sample of warts and you worry. 1-2 weeks have passed and you have seen nothing happen. Do not be completely relieved by this. Because the wart will appear in you at least 3 months later. This situation can take 6 months or longer. Of course, if your immune system is strong, the virus will be destroyed before it can infect you. Therefore, we must give importance to the immune system.

Which Doctorate / Department to Go?
Yes, friends, remember that the problem is very serious, contagious and definitely needs to be treated. For this, let’s look at which doctor or department should be examined. You have 2 different options for this. General surgery and dermatology departments both provide treatment, but general surgery specialists have more information and technological devices.

General Surgery: My advice would be to be treated by general surgery specialists. Because there are cryotherapy (freezing) applied by dermatologists as well as more advanced treatments such as Radio Frequency and Electrocautery.

Dermatology (Dermatology) In the treatment of wart on the skin, which is important in the diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases, only cryotherapy is used to freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen and remove it by rotting. Since there is not a large part of the devices found in general surgery specialists, the only option is cryotherapy. Of course, the choice is yours, you can choose the branch you want.

How to Treat Warts, Which Methods Are Applied?
Yes, friends, if we also saw the examination phase, let’s move on to treatment issues now. I stated that in the doctor selection section, there are treatment options according to the branch you have chosen. If you choose to skin it will probably treat it with the cryotherapy method. If you choose general surgery, it applies RF (Radio Frequency), especially electrocautery, and the freezing method applied by dermatologists. But priority will always be the Electrocautery device. Let’s get acquainted with these methods under the headings below, let’s see how they are made.

Electrocautery: Although it is a device that many of us have heard of for the first time, its use in the health field is quite common. It is also used as a cutting tool during surgery. Its effect in wart treatment is that it destroys the wart by evaporating it. To understand how it does this, think of a heated metal, when you touch a plastic, it melts and destroys it. The electrocautery device also converts electrical energy into heat energy and melts it when it touches the wart and vaporizes it. Evaporation is done up to the level of clean skin. Treatment time for 1 wart does not take even 1 minute. It is one of the most effective methods and is frequently used in moles removal procedures.

Radio Frequency: Another treatment similar to the above method is Radio Frequency application, whose short name is RF. By converting electrical energy into radio waves, it evaporates the moment it touches the wart.

Cryotherapy: Now let’s look at the application of cryotherapy, which is a method frequently applied by dermatologists. By injecting liquid nitrogen into the wart, it is aimed to freeze and break off by rotting. With this situation, which causes serious pain, more than 1 session may be required to burn a wart. For this reason, I suggested that you choose a general surgeon or specialists with Electrocautery and RF devices that I mentioned above.

Laser: Another method is laser, which is mostly done by plastic and aesthetic surgery specialists. Unfortunately, it does not give enough effective results. Because laser has no effect on raised warts. It is only applied to skin-level warts and moles. It is especially applied for dark colored problems from the skin. Therefore, I cannot say that it is very effective.

Surgery: The last treatment method I will cite is surgery and I do not think it is necessary. If we look at the preparation, it aims to be removed by cutting from the skin level. As I said, it is not very necessary.

Wart Treatment Should Be Done Under Doctor’s Control!
The scenery I see is not very pleasant, especially young people use products that are sold as wart remedies on the Internet and contain a large amount of acid. These products, which aim to burn the skin, cause uncontrolled burns on your skin and cause permanent skin damage. Therefore, instead of using such products, scientific treatment should be decided with a doctor’s examination. The treatment does not end only with the burning of the warts, it should be under the doctor’s control for a minimum of 6 months.

Because Warts May Recur!
When you burn the warts, you are not completely free from the problem. This is only the first step of the treatment, after which you should constantly check for new warts. Because it is a recurrent and spreading virus, warts can be seen in the same place or in different parts of the body after treatment. In this case, you should consult your doctor and have it reconstructed.

You will be under control for 6 months in IDEA clinics
. Treatment should be done to get rid of this problem and no warts should come out for 4 months. As IDEA Clinic, we apply a 6-month control period to our patients. First of all, I should mention that the control process is free. Do not think that we are doing this to get more money. We invite the patients we have treated for a control one month later. If we detect new warts when they arrive, we treat them without any charge. In this way, we treat 6 times for free. If the person does not have any warts when he comes to control, we want him to come back for control after 2 months. If not this time, we would like him to come 3 months later for the final check. In the absence of any warts, it means that the virus is completely free.

How Much Does Wart Treatment Cost?
The location and intensity of the disease varies from person to person. For this reason, it is not possible to pay everyone a net fee. Another issue is that the Ministry of Health prohibits treatment fees on its websites, so we cannot share price information publicly. However, if you send a picture showing your warts using the form below, our doctors will examine and indicate the treatment and price that should be applied to you.

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