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A Spiral Herb Garden

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oday you will learn how to make a spiral herb garden. The best part about this project is it’s easy. You can use rocks or small boulders and even bricks. We have even seen them made out of timber.

There are plenty of good reasons for growing your own herbs at home. Not only do they add flavor to your favorite recipes, but they also have exceptional medicinal properties. You can also extend the life of your herbs by freezing them in oil. This is one way to have a fresh supply all year round. You can also dry them and store them in powder form.

via Michael Judd, Ecologia

Spiral Herb Garden Design

via Principal Designer, Michal Judd, Ecologia.

Before we see the video, we thought you might like to see the best way to lay out your herbs. The above design comes from the Principal Designer at Ecologia, Michael Judd.

He is an expert when it comes to edible and productive gardens, food forests, and water management to name but a few. Essentially he knows his stuff!

How To Make A Spiral Herb Garden Video

via Work With Nature, Youtube.

Now that you have a basic understanding of design and layout, it’s time to watch the video tutorial that we have included. It only takes 5 or so minutes to see the process from start to finish and that includes a pond which is optional.


via Thomas Wilhelm

Spiral Herb Garden

via Thomas Wilhelm

Thomas used misshapen limestone from an excavation site to create his drywall spiral garden. He has also included a square pond at the base.


via Cara Ornamentals

Gabion Spiral Garden

via Cara Ornamentals

This very popular Gabion Spiral Garden is made with wire and rocks and is extremely economical when it comes to space.


Brick Spiral Garden

As mentioned earlier in our post, you can use lots of different materials to make a Spiral Garden. This version uses bricks and is also extremely easy to put together.

All you need to do is follow the video instructions and swap out the stones with the bricks.


via Oh My Creative 

Herb Garden

Over on Oh My Creative, they have used small round boulders to create a stunning organic result.

As you can see by the photos, it’s extremely easy to recreate and looks fantastic in front of the brick wall. They have a full tutorial on their site.