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Black Friday Try On Haul

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Geniş Ekran Dar Ekran

Dam she’s beautiful. Love her voice it sounds so 🥰🥰🥰🥰

shane dana

Missed you hun. Glad to see you back. Remember to take time for yourself so that when life gets hectic it won’t overwhelm you. Love the white shorts.

don nicol

Loved your wrap-up, it really brightened my day!

Bryan B

Can’t concentrate on what she’s wearing in the bottoms because she does that big set on display. I’m not complainin

You’re absolutely so lovely and beautiful. ❤🌻🌹🌹🌻


I don’t know how this popped up on my recommend videos but oh my goodness. I’m glad it did. Beautiful


Welcome back beautiful 😍

Dave Lacey

Looking great, as always. Hope life is treating you well

💘 Aislinn you look amazingly gorgeous in all your shorts 👍 however your favorite were my favs. But you look stunningly sexy in denim. 💘

Brant Frans

A beautiful goddess.😍

Adam Zach

You are so beautiful! I had to instantly subscribe. You will have millions of subscribers soon, gorgeous lady!😍❤️

The Big Bient

Damn Ive missed my boo 😍

Sal Padilla

Baby girl you’re very beautiful and your body is amazing. You are the perfect girl 😘🌹❤

Nicholas Medovich

Your attitude and smile are just amazing. Plus your giggle is adorable.

jesse fisher

You and the white shorts darlin, wow, marry me 🤯, love the content and your attitude in every video it’s kinda infectious.

Andrew Campbell

U missing an outlet electrical. Recent renovations?