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Chinese Garden Design Tips

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Garden Ninja, Lee Burkhill, shares his top tips for creating that quintessential Chinese garden design. Using the Nan Lian garden in Hong Kong as his example Garden Ninja explains the basics of a successful Chinese-themed garden.

Chinese gardens should balance a strong sense of nature and discovery, so it’s not just a case of putting some bamboo in a pot and adding a dragon statue. Chinese garden design is far more refined. This guide will help explain some of the foundations to ensure you avoid a mismatched design. By sticking to a more traditional set of design principles you will end up with a far more cohesive and authentic Chinese garden.

A good place to start is with the traditional Chinese garden design principles, these have been established over centuries of practice at the art of garden design. The Chinese have always treated garden design as an art, similarly to other mediums such as painting, poetry and scripture.

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