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4inch pompom using folded paper

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Have a hard time making pompom? Try this. Make a fluffy 4 inch pompom without a pompom maker. I used folded paper instead. Learn how to tie the pompom very tight so that it wont fall apart. I wrap the folded paper gently 130 times using 2 strands of medium 4 weight yarn 100% acrylic(It’s redheart super saver). Remember, “The more wraps, the fluffier pompom”.
Note: Put glue into both knots to make it secured( I forgot it when I was making the video). You can also save all those cut offs for stuffing.

If the video is too slow: click the video settings or the 3 dots(if youre using phone. It’s in the right corner of the video) & set to your desired playback speed.

Thank you so much for watching and subscribing, for giving a thumbs up and sharing my videos. It means a lot to me and it keeps me motivated to make more videos of my projects. Thank you. Have a beautiful day!!!


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