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hand embroidery work

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Aluminum Butterfly Wreath
Aluminum Butterfly Wreath

Supplies needed to make your own homemade butterfly wreath:
Darice Butterfly Shapes Craft Dies
Large 12″ Wooden Embroidery Hoops
Butterfly Floral Embellishments
Gemini Junior Rubber Embossing Mat
Krylon Metallic Gold Spray Paint
X-ACTO Cut All Craft Knife
Aluminum Soda Cans (any size or color)

I wanted to replicate the metallic butterflies that were on the wreath that I saw.

Did you know that craft dies can cut through aluminum? They can! And pretty easily, I might add.

Grab some empty soda cans.

Be VERY CAREFUL handling the aluminum in the next few steps! Those edges get SHARP! (See if you can spot my band-aid in the next few photos.)

Insert a craft knife into the top of the can.

Aluminum Butterfly Wreath

Then you can use scissors to cut around the perimeter of the can, down the seam of the can, and along the bottom.

This will give you a rectangle of cut aluminum to die cut with. Rinse and dry the cut aluminum to remove any residual soda.

Aluminum Butterfly Wreath

Place your dies on your cutting surface. Try to maximize the aluminum with the die placement.

Aluminum Butterfly Wreath

Using the aluminum like you would cardstock, cut your images following the manufacturers instructions for your machine.

Aluminum Butterfly Wreath

The next step is important if you have dies that also have embossed designs.

After you cut your image, leave the aluminum inside the die.

Cover with a rubber embossing mat, and run it back through your machine.

Aluminum Butterfly Wreath

Keep going until you have several aluminum homemade butterfly cut outs.

Spray paint the butterflies and the wooden embroidery hoop gold.

Allow to fully dry. Then, if you desire, lightly sand the butterflies to enhance the embossed design, and give an aged look to the aluminum.

Begin hot gluing the butterflies to the wooden embroidery hoop.

Alternate the aluminum butterflies with the layered, pre-made butterflies.

Turn the butterflies all directions. Adhere some of the butterflies together with hot glue, connecting them outward from the wreath. The aluminum butterflies are very sturdy and can be easily linked together.

Continue until you like the look.

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